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I Ate the Jelly

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It had been sitting on the food shelf for days, that little dab of jelly at the bottom of the jar. Except it was more like a quarter of the jar still full. I walked past it with nary a glance many times a day. Ha! I thought to myself. I’ve won over the jelly. Who needs jelly, anyway? So it just sat there, biding its time, looking all innocent and sweet. It knew. Oh, yes, it knew I’d cave one day.

Friends, I ate the jelly (sing that to the tune of I Shot the Sheriff. It’s fun that way). I ate every last bite of it on Monday, despite the fact that it was so sweet it curled my teeth and left me with sweet face, which is the cousin of sour face. Despite the fact that I had to force down the last couple of spoons of it. Despite the fact that it didn’t taste good at all, except for the first bite. I ate the jelly. And I instantly regretted it. It was nasty.

The problem was not having a spoonful and leaving the rest for another day. The problem was shoveling it all down at once, even when it tasted awful. And that’s something I need to remember, the next time I’m tempted to finish off something when I’m past the point of having had enough.

Live and learn, right? Or, in my case, live and relearn. I’ll get it some day.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is, that was on Monday and I’ve done quite well since then. I’m aware that I’m eating more at night than I need to, having gone to bed more than once this week still feeling full, sometimes uncomfortably so, and I don’t generally eat after 8:00 p.m. And I’m a night owl. So, I’m eating too much at night. Conversely, I don’t eat enough in the morning–it’s well past 11:00 a.m. now and I’ve still not had breakfast, knowing a good one will fuel my day and likely keep me from overeating later in the day. It’s something to work on, tipping that balance around. I’ll be adding that to the goals for next week.

I’m doing well with keeping to my fitness goals and had a lovely surprise yesterday after I’d finished my weights and yoga routines. I went into the bathroom afterward and, glancing into the mirror, saw a little grin on my face. A glow, a satisfaction, shining eyes. That made me so happy, to see a happy me! I’ll be hoping to see her again, and soon. Often.

How are you coming along? Is the road ahead looking the way you envisioned? It’s never too late to change the route.

Happy trails, all!

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