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Christmas Eve

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Gifts are wrapped and under or on the tree now, I have only one or two stocking gifts for my girls to take care of–and let me just say here that Aunt Santa will spoil those girls a little bit if she wants to–my roots are touched up, more or less, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for Christmas. I haven’t put out a single decoration, though I might later, and I’m deeply grateful that there’s been no Christmas music, which around here is the same two albums over and over and over.

My roommate is the Scrooge this year. I won’t offer details, but she’s cranky as hell. Merry Christmas, y’all. I’m kind of cheerfully ambivalent about the whole thing, grateful about the no music thing and that it’s relatively a low-key event this year and that the end of December means spring is that much closer. I’ll take that and be glad.

I have a lot to be glad of, from the critters I’m taking care of right now to my own critter, from a lovely evening out last night with one of my dearest friends, to a lunch date the day after tomorrow with other dear friends, to a wider circle of friends whose company is easy and fun and uplifting, to knowing mine is a pretty damn steadfast heart. I have loved, and continue to love, more deeply than I’d ever imagined, and though we are not together, that knowledge is still quite something. That’s sort of what this season is about, too, isn’t it? Love and gladness. So while I may be ambivalent about the holiday itself, I embrace the spirit of the season.

Love and joy come to you. That’s my wish for you all.


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