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Finally, a walk. It got up to the mid-20s yesterday, sunshine poured down, and I got myself out. Never mind that I still don’t have boots and I ended up with soggy feet–it was a glorious day and a wonderful walk. I ambled along, not intent on setting any records, but fully intent on enjoying the day, the movement and fresh air and the calm it brought to my soul. I’ve been stuck inside with a fractious 88-year-old for too many days and I don’t mind telling you I was getting a mite crabby and that walk restored me and set me to rights.

Afterward, I went looking for boots and longies–yeah, I know, cart before the horse, but I was burning daylight and I needed that walk more than I needed dry feet–and found all kinds of “fashion” boots and longies for stick women but nothing to fit a more robust kind of girl. I think I’m headed to the farm supply store today to look.

It’s another moderate day for this time of year and I’m headed out whether I’m booted and suited or not. It’s going to be a good day, and I hope it is in your neck of the woods, too.


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