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My Weather Channel app tells me it’s 1 degree outside and it feels like minus 15. But the sun’s shining, so that makes it all okay. I’d say I’m freezing my fine wide arse off, but I’m not–it’s still there. Damn it!

I’m growing weary of being stuck inside most of the time, but my cold weather gear is inadequate for the kind of temps we’ve been having and I’m just not risking it. I know, I know, I said to heck with the weather a while back, but it’s just too freaking cold and my stuff just isn’t going to cut it in such low temps. I need boots and longies at the least. And I suppose I should quit saying I need them and just go buy them. I’m not lazy–it’s just too cold to go shopping. HA! Temps are supposed to moderate soon, so I’ll wait until then on both counts.

In the meantime, I’m starting to get ready for New Years festivities. Several of my game night peeps and I are renting a cabin at a state park about an hour and a half from here for a few days and we’re all pitching in by claiming a meal slot and providing other supplies. Buying foodstuffs will, of course, wait until just before the trek over there, but there are other stores that can be laid in now. After I get my boots and longies.

Stay warm, and make it a great day!



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  1. Don’t forget your snowshoes and Baileys. Have fun! We (or rather I and rarely Bob) go on a volkswalk around West Seattle and ooh and aahh over the sights across Elliott Bay of Seattle skyline. There are different walks on the evening of the 31st and then again on Jan 1st. Great way to end and start a couple of years.


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