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I’ll be taking a blog break until after the new year begins. I’ll be deciding, too, whether or not I’m ready to let the blog go entirely some time after the new year. Whatever I decide, there are other ways to stay in contact with me, if you so choose, and I hope you will want to.

I know it’s traditional in blogland to do a year in review, but I’m breaking with that. I’ll simply say that for me, 2013 was in some ways pretty great. In other ways, not so much. That’s true of any year, really, but I’m ready to say good-bye to this year and look ahead to what’s to come in 2014.

I wish you all a very happy New Year, and hope it will bring you at least some of what your heart yearns for. I hope the same for me. Be well, be happy, and do some good for someone else.

Happy New Year!



Christmas Day

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A simple but heartfelt wish–peace, love, and joy to you all.

Christmas Eve

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Gifts are wrapped and under or on the tree now, I have only one or two stocking gifts for my girls to take care of–and let me just say here that Aunt Santa will spoil those girls a little bit if she wants to–my roots are touched up, more or less, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for Christmas. I haven’t put out a single decoration, though I might later, and I’m deeply grateful that there’s been no Christmas music, which around here is the same two albums over and over and over.

My roommate is the Scrooge this year. I won’t offer details, but she’s cranky as hell. Merry Christmas, y’all. I’m kind of cheerfully ambivalent about the whole thing, grateful about the no music thing and that it’s relatively a low-key event this year and that the end of December means spring is that much closer. I’ll take that and be glad.

I have a lot to be glad of, from the critters I’m taking care of right now to my own critter, from a lovely evening out last night with one of my dearest friends, to a lunch date the day after tomorrow with other dear friends, to a wider circle of friends whose company is easy and fun and uplifting, to knowing mine is a pretty damn steadfast heart. I have loved, and continue to love, more deeply than I’d ever imagined, and though we are not together, that knowledge is still quite something. That’s sort of what this season is about, too, isn’t it? Love and gladness. So while I may be ambivalent about the holiday itself, I embrace the spirit of the season.

Love and joy come to you. That’s my wish for you all.



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Cold. Very cold. It’s still below zero at just after 11:00 a.m. and though I’d rather stay in today and avoid the extreme cold, I have cats in my care and I still have that last bit of shopping to do. The sun’s out, which is nice, but it’s not adding a whole lot of warmth to the day. Thank goodness for the longies–they’ll certainly help!

I woke mildly panicked, thinking I’d somehow forgotten some of the critters currently in my care, and then I panicked some more when I couldn’t lay my hands on the keys to the various houses where I’m critter sitting. I found them, but clearly, I need to have a single place where those keys go once I’m back in the house. I’m all for getting the heart going, but that’s kind of the wrong way to go about it.

I’m off to shower and head out into the frozen tundra. Be safe, wherever you may be, and make it a great day, all!

After the solstice

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It’s the day after the solstice and a gradual return to more daylight, and it could not be more welcome. Although the gloomy days have been few, so far, I’m still craving light. I’ll always crave light, I think.

It was a busy day yesterday, with recovery from the night before foremost (game night = drinks = a somewhat overserved me), and pet-sitting duties (two cats and a dog, plus a meet-up with a new client and two more cats added to the calendar for later next week), as well as driving Mom around some. The icy conditions on Friday made getting out on her own somewhat uncertain, though it was clear after a stop or two that she would have been fine alone. Still, better safe than sorry.

It’s a little more relaxed today–just two kitters on the calendar–and I’m hoping for a bit of a walk, too. I could use one. I’m also mapping out the plan of attack for tomorrow so I can get all of my shopping done with the least difficulty. I don’t typically wait this late in the month to do it, but whatever–I guess I had other things on my mind. It’ll get done.

It’s Festivus Eve–do you have your pole ready? Mine’s going up later today. I’m looking forward to airing my grievances!

Happy Sunday, and happy Festivus Eve! Make it a great day, all!

Ice ice baby

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So I hear it’s kind of icy outside, though I don’t really have confirmation. I have to get out later, so I’ll hope that the roads in town and just outside of it are in decent shape. Things to do, people to see.

I still have not begun Christmas shopping and right now it looks like it’ll be a blitz attack on Monday. No way am I going out shopping the weekend before Christmas, even in this town, unless, of course, the weather improves and everyone else goes to the Big City. I don’t see a way to avoid the mall, whatever I do, and I pretty much hate malls with the heat of a thousand suns. That’s why I’ll also be doing January birthday shopping at the same time, so as to avoid a repeat visit. Whatever I do, I’ll have it all mapped out: get in, get out, no one gets hurt. Most especially me.

Friday! The days do pass so quickly, and I hope, with the solstice tomorrow, that the winter does, too. Make it a great day, all!



A beautiful ride

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Another busy day here, so just a quickie.

I got out for my walk yesterday and it was warm enough to sit on one of the swinging benches at the park and watch the sunset. It was spectacular! I’m so glad I didn’t miss it, so glad I was able to get outside while it was still light, to move and breathe the fresh clean air and to witness nature putting on such a fine display. I often wonder how many people miss out on the beauties all around us, simply because they don’t look. I don’t want to be one of those people, not ever. I don’t want to get so busy that I don’t see the sunset or the birds or flowers or whatever it is.

On my first weekend with Mr. F, we drove through country I’d never seen, and I just took it in, silently. He later told me that my silence troubled him, that he thought I was regretting the trip or him, but it was because I was so enamored of the scenery, added to the small fact that I’m not much of a talker sometimes anyway, that I was quiet. It was a beautiful ride, and I don’t just mean that first weekend.

Happy Thursday, all. Make it a great day!



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In the last 12 hours, I’ve picked up two more cat sitting jobs over the holidays. Last week at this time, I had two. Now, it’s four, with another one set up for just after the new year. I am not in any way complaining! This is something I enjoy doing, and the money comes in kind of handy, too. If this turns into something more than a once-in-a-while kind of thing, I won’t complain about that, either. I’ve never fit in as a nine-to-fiver, I’m much happier working on my own than otherwise, and this is a kind of busy I don’t mind at all.

It’s another sunny day and temps are supposed to climb up to near 50, and I hope hope hope to get outside. The furnace guy is coming this afternoon for a regular furnace check, no time was specified, and I sort of have to be here, so my fingers are crossed that he’ll be here earlier rather than later. I want to get outside! But I’d better get out of my jammies and into some clothes before I do anything else.

Wednesday already and a week until Christmas, and guess who hasn’t done a bit of shopping? Maybe tomorrow? It’s too nice to think about that today. Happy Wednesday, all–make it a great day!


Short and sweet

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It’s above freezing, the sun’s out, and though it’s windy, I’m planning on a walk later. That’s my day right there–sunshine, warmer, walkies. Looks like a fine day to me. Make yours a great one, all!

It’s a helluva life

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Just in case you forget. I do sometimes.