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I made good progress yesterday on the second iteration of A Hat for Jordan and I’m really happy with the way it’s shaping up so far. Do-overs are sometimes allowed in life and when they are, you have to grab ’em and make the most of ’em.

It was warmer yesterday than on Saturday and while I was glad of it, I still faced two lingering problems on my walk–my face just about freezing off, and very cold ears. Wearing a hat alone, or even pulling up my hood over the hat, does not resolve the cold ears issue, so I’m planning on making a polar fleece earwarmer possibly later today and will see if that helps with the cold ears. As for the cold face, I’ll have to dig through my scarves to see if I have a wider, warmer one, and I may have to get cracking on the one I have on the needles.

I’m starting a cat sitting gig tonight for some new folks who found me via a Craigslist ad, and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t really explain it fully, but I really enjoy the cat sitting. I’ve updated and re-posted my ad with a focus on holiday pet needs and will see if it brings me some more business. The money is nice, but the rewards in offering this kind of service lie elsewhere. I don’t want more cats myself–the stinky cat is plenty for me–but having some loaners sometimes is pretty sweet.

That’s my Monday so far. Make it a great day, all!


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