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Knitting the dozens

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But first–the socks are a bust. I think the problem is the cheap yarn, mostly, but they’re just too fiddly for my taste, and I won’t be sorry to abandon this project. I’m also glad my investment was minimal, and I can return the unused skein.

So, here’s the thing–for ages, I’ve been saying “I want to make this hat” or “I want to learn how to do cables” or “I want to try color work (again).” That’s all very well, to want to do those things, but then I dink around and never do whatever it is that I so want to do because it’s easier just to stick with the old tried-and-true.

That’s changing. Over the next twelve months, I’ll be knitting the dozens as I knit up one hat per month that is going challenge me to try new techniques, to learn some new skills, push me past my comfort levels, probably make me swear and frog and do it all again more than once, but I’m going to do it. I’ll be choosing eleven patterns from my collection–Number One has already been settled–putting the pattern names on slips of paper, and randomly drawing them from a jar. I’m doing this!

As for Number One–it’ll be my very first foray into knitting design, a hacked pattern of a hat I saw and admired some months ago. Called “A Hat for Jordan,” this one will be, despite the name, for me. It’s possible that I’ll write up the pattern and post it on Ravelry at some point, but whether or not the pattern is ever shared with anyone else, it’s going on the needles later today. I’ve been thinking of it, dreaming of it, for ages, and it’s time to make this particular dream come true.

That’s the thing about dreams–some of them are just that, bits of hope and fantasy that drift by just out of reach. Others can be grasped and made a reality with some thought and determination. And some swearing and frogging. That’s allowed.

Happy Friday, all. Make it a day to make some dreams come true!


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