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I’ve been knitting a lot the last couple of days, finishing up a scarf that will be sent off to a friend soon. It’s a moebius–look that up if you’re not familiar with them–and I cast on 420 or 440 stitches–I can’t remember which, but it’s a hella lot of stitches. I did the bind off last night, which took at least an hour, maybe more, and probably would have taken considerably less time had I not been moaning about the endless bind off on FB. That task is done, and I’ve been weaving the ends in this morning, glad to be at the end of this project. It’s the second time I’ve knit up this scarf, after getting to the end of it once, hating it, frogging it, and getting it back on the needles to be knit up using a different pattern.

I’d planned on casting on a hat next, because I kind of miss them and I have that goal of 30 for the year–I’m all the way up to four right now–to aim for, but dang if I didn’t cast on another moebius, this one meant for me. I picked up some cheap but soft and pretty yarn over the weekend, acrylic yarn, which I typically don’t work with, but wanting something warm, wide, and washable for my winter walks, this was seemed to fit the bill. It’s a deep indigo, shot through with lighter shades of blue. So far, so good! at least until I get to another endless bind off.

It’s been good to take up my needles again, in any case, and knit like I meant it instead of just picking at it.

Thursday already–make it a great day, all!



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