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It’s now 5:38 a.m. and I’ve been up since 4:11, when one of the smoke detectors started chirping. It beeps, once, every few seconds for about three minutes, just long enough to wake me and keep me awake, then goes silent for five minutes or so. Guess who’ll be changing batteries later?

There aren’t any fresh batteries in the house and it’s currently a bone-chilling 12 degrees outside, so a Wal-mart run will have to wait for a bit. In any case, the chirping detector is in a bedroom that’s currently occupied–the occupant is sleeping blissfully through all of this–so there’s not really much I could do anyway without rousing the sleeper. The fact that the occupant can’t hear the chirps is a whole other area of concern.

Although I’m fairly certain that the problem is a dying battery, I’ve been reading several forums online regarding smoke detector chirping–really, such things exist–and a secondary issue may be the now very cold house. Warmer temps once the furnace is turned up may put a temporary stop to the chirping, but I’m still changing batteries later on.

Good times.

In other news, I’m feeling oddly more chipper, despite the short night and the damned annoying chirping. I had a big pile of greens for supper last night and I think that helped, getting some fresh, wholesome food into my belly. I’ve missed any exercise for the last three days and will be making a point of getting some today. That will help boost my mood further in the right direction.

For now, I’m torn between crawling back into bed and trying to thaw my frozen bits and maybe getting a little more sleep and just staying up. It’s always something, isn’t it?

Ah well. I’m going to do my best to make it a great day, and I hope you will, too.



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