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It should not take the better part of four hours to find a pair of pants. I’m just sayin.’

That was my afternoon shot yesterday, and while I momentarily gave in to some of the negative self-talk I’m prone to while clothes-shopping, I gave myself a talking to and snapped out of it in short order. I finally found a pair of pants that fit reasonably well and even though I paid more than I wanted to, I’m pretty well satisfied with them. Other than some laundry and replacing a couple of buttons on my jacket, I’m ready to go to this wedding, and I am going to celebrate with my friends and have a fine time.

I didn’t get my yoga in yesterday, but I did my weights and farted around trying out some other routines, ones that involve a whole lot more coordination than I have or really even want to have of my various limbs. I’ll stick with what I’m doing, more or less, though I have realized in the last couple of days that I’m not sweating enough when I exercise. Sweat is a key factor, I think, to achieving my goals, and I’ll be kicking things up a notch or three in order to make that happen. I feel much better; I want to look better, too. I’ll get there eventually. I’m not giving up.

Holy crap, it’s Wednesday already! Make it a great day, all!




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