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Woo hoo and yay!

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Another quickie. The sun’s out and I don’t want to waste all day inside. Not that the morning has been entirely wasted, but with the shorter days, every ray of sunshine is that much more precious.

After a couple of cloudy days, it cleared late yesterday afternoon. The thick, oppressive clouds rolled up, much like a window shade, and let the sun come pouring through. The trees off to the east looked as if a hundred spotlights had lit them up, they glowed so brightly for a few moments, and I heard another park rat let out a cheery “Woo hoo! Sun’s out!” I like people who say things like “Woo hoo!” and “Yay!” Also people who love the sunshine.

I did not go for a walk after deciding to give my poor old back another day of rest. I did my yoga and that, combined with rest, has helped. I’m planning on a walk this afternoon, provided I get other things done first. It’s one of those days when I really do have to be a grown up for a while and I’m resisting, but things have to get done. Might as well just suck it up and get ‘er done.

I’m off to play at being an adult for a bit, so will wish you a happy Thursday. Make it a great day, all! And do me a favor–say “woo hoo!” or “yay!” sometime today.

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