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It’s a cloudy, windy, overcast, long pants kind of day here. Hibernation sounds good, but I need to keep active. There’s plenty that needs doin’ around here, too.

I took my mom, who seems more frail every day, for a long drive yesterday to see what we could of the fall colors, over to the Iowa Arboretum, a place she loves, then through Ledges State Park, and over by the river, up and down through the hollers and hills, west of Boone. We toured tiny Fraser–she kept asking where the town was–and didn’t seen anything stirring except some critters. Mom was convinced she saw a fox, and it was hard to persuade her that it was actually a large cat, so I settled for letting her think what she wanted on that score. We then stopped at the Fraser Spring–a couple of garden hoses stuck in a pipe in the ground–and I had a long drink of that cold, sweet water. Mom thought it wasn’t worth getting out of the car for, and possibly that there were cooties on the hoses. I didn’t care–anytime I can have a drink of spring water, I’ll take it, cooties be damned.

The colors this fall are muted, thanks to the long dry summer, though there were occasional bursts of scarlet and gold, and simply seeing and driving through that hilly, heavily forested country was pretty spectacular. It reminded me a great deal of the places Mr. F and I lived in and traveled through, and I’ll admit to fighting back a tear or two. Bittersweet memories of the kind I have every day.

I’m still babying my back today. Some yoga later on will help, as will another day or two of more careful activity. I’m lucky that I’m not suffering the kind of back pain I did some years ago, when my back would go out on me for days at a time, I couldn’t stand up straight, and sometimes had to crawl to get where I needed to go. I’m crediting being more active with less dramatic back issues and a shorter recovery time. I just need to remember that I do need recovery time and not push it as hard as I’ve wanted to these past few days. I do miss my walks, but I’ll soon be able to get out again. A little patience is all that’s needed until then.

That’s my news. Happy Tuesday, all! Make it a great day!

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