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I’ve spent much of this morning recovering from a little too much last night, which, by the way, I would have been reluctant to miss, but I think I’m feeling chipper enough now to start thinking of getting out this afternoon for a walk and to enjoy this gorgeous day.

Tonight is movie night at A and G’s, in their outdoor theatre (look at that fancy British spelling! I must be feeling better if I spontaneously spell words the posh way), preceded by eats–always good around dinnertime, and made even better by sharing with friends.

Nothing else new to report, except I picked up a yard and a half of fabric yesterday for a bargain price in the hot, bright colors I crave during the dismal days of winter. Hot pink and highlighter yellow? Yes, please! I’ll be dragging out my sewing machine some rainy day and making some pillow covers out of it, and I may just be crazy enough over the winter to break my yarn fast and buy some cheap acrylic yarn to crochet up into a big, bright, gaudy granny square pillow to go with my new fabric pillows. Coupons from Hobby Lobby would get me a whole lot of yarn for very little cash, and if the end product lifts my spirits and helps get me through another Iowa winter, I’d think five or ten dollars would be a pretty small price to pay.

It’s just about lunchtime here, so I think I’ll toddle off and find something, then get myself out into this beauteous day and soak in some sun. Happy Saturday, all! Make it a great day!



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