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It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and if you don’t say “aarrrrr” at least once today, I don’t know if we can maintain our friendship or not. Relationships are built on such things, doncha know.

For all things piratey, such as a pirate name generator (I’m Captain Bess Rackham), check out

Don’t be a scurvy swine, matey–go on and look.

It was a lovely day for a walk yesterday, hot, but with a refreshing breeze. For a change, I went to a different park than my usual, another gem in the parks system here, and a little shift in scenery did me good. Prairie flowers and grasses line either side of the trail head, and the air was full of butterflies, dragonflies, and the sound of crickets chirping happily away.  Prairie gradually gives way to a broad, open grassy area with a scattering of picnic tables and benches, all sheltered by a wide ring of venerable old trees. Just past this lie the deep woods.

Though the trees are still mostly full and green around here, there was a carpet of brown leaves on the trail and the slightly peppery scent of fall filled the air. Following the trail down into the valley, I saw a few birds, some saucy squirrels, and not another human soul. Peaceful? Oh my, yes. Nearing the end of my route is a bench, a favorite spot in that park for a sit-and-think, and I did sit and think for a good long while before finishing up my walk. Both walk and time for contemplation did me good.

Also really, really good was some time spent with my oldest niece–we had an ice cream date at the mom and pop place up the road from here. It was dinner for both of us, and it was goooood.

Today will be a rest day from walking, though I plan on weights and yoga later, and I’d also like to go to the park, just to feed my soul. Rain is in the forecast for later on, and I’m hoping to get caught out in it. My car sure could use a wash, and if it’s free, well, that’s pretty great.

Happy Thursday, all–make it a great day!

ETA: Of some note–this is my 650th post. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


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