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It’s cool, overcast, and breezy here this morning, and I’m so hoping for rain. We’ve had nothing significant since June, and it would be very welcome. I’d love to go to the park and just sit in the car while the rain cascades over it.

I got in more of a walk yesterday than I’d planned on–roughly twice as far as I normally go–and I can still move today! Whoopee! I took a wrong turn out in an unfamiliar part of the park and rather than turning back, I just kept going. I sort of surprised myself, in a good way.

Meeting up with M and S was a great, relaxing way to end my Saturday. We met at a coffeeshop, but ended up at S’s after a quartet of musicians started singing at the shop. It was too much big noise for a confined space, and frankly, I couldn’t hear a darn thing. It was much more congenial at S’s, where we were joined by D for a few minutes and the kitties for the whole time. Lots of knitting was done, lots of easy conversation flowed, and it was a lovely evening.

Not so nice is dealing with sour, negative, persistently unhappy people this morning. They can choose to be unhappy and unleash their negativity on the world at large. Doesn’t mean I have to put up with it, and in any case, I’m not letting them get me down. I have better things to do with my time. Sometimes, these situations become defining moments, times when one can say “Enough. No more,” and walk away from a relationship, however casual, that’s damaging. Not every relationship is worth hanging onto; the trick is knowing the ones that are.

That’s my Sunday. I’m making it a great one, and I hope you do, too!


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