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I’m off to the Wal-mart in search of ant traps. There are just too many of them, coming in from too many points, for me to attempt anything other than aggressive tactics in my epic battle with them.

I looked up some DIY solutions, as well as relative effectiveness, and some might work, but I’m leery of putting anything out that the stinky cat might inadvertently get into, so it’s ant traps, which, according to my research, are highly effective. I hope so. I’m sick to death of the darn things.

Walkies went okay last night, though both back and hips were tight and protested most of the way. It wasn’t much of a pace, either, but I got the job done and I’m not sorry I went. More walkies are planned for later.

I’ve been pretty “meh” about the whole notion of doing NaNoWriMo in November. It’s fallen into the category of “one more damn thing to do,” so I’ve decided to let it go. Here’s the thing: it’s a good thing to have goals. It’s another thing to let those goals shackle you to something you know isn’t right for you. There’s no point in doing something I have no enthusiasm for when there are other things I truly do want to do and for which that 30 days might be better spent. I’m pretty sure the world will keep on turning without my unleashing a poorly written novel on it.

Friday already–how the time flies! Make the most of it, all, and make it a great day!





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