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Be careful where you . . .

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. . . sit.

I was out for my walk yesterday when an urge hit me. It was one few can ignore for long, so I cast my eyes about and found a likely rock on which to perch while I did what needed doing, only to find when I was done that I’d sat square in bird poop. Bird poop! Wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it didn’t kill me, obviously, and let me just say I’m really glad I carry Wet Wipes (and tissues) with me on my walks. A little preparation beforehand can be a really, really good thing.

I’ve spent part of my morning happily drafting a letter to the members of an internet group I belong to regarding some changes to come. It’s just the kind of thing I enjoy doing, and I hope it’ll fit the bill. I’m still getting used to a newer computer and different operating system and I thought I’d lost it a couple of times, but it’s still there. All part of learning, I guess–there’ll be some missteps along the way.

Speaking of a newer computer–it’s infested. Not with malware or viruses, but with ants.

It’s crazy, I know, but apparently the previous owner did a lot of eating while working at the computer and there are many tasty bits still inside, despite my having blasted as much out as I could with canned air. The little buggers are coming up the power cord and some have actually gotten inside. Ick. This is part of my annual ant invasion, which happens every summer for a few weeks, but the venue is a completely new one, and I do not approve.

It’s always something, though, isn’t it? If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

That’s life! And that’s it for me for now. It’s a beautiful day and I’m looking forward to a walk later. Whatever your plans, make it a great day, all! Just be careful where you sit.

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