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100 degrees is just too darn hot, and this late in the summer? Ridiculous!

That’s how hot it got yesterday, and today, while slightly cooler, is still too darn hot. Regardless, I might just brave the heat tonight for a walk–I’m missing them. Weights and yoga are on the docket as soon as I finish this post, no matter what else I elect to do later on. I’m needing the activity.

I continue to be frustrated with my lack of outward progress. I mean, really, I’ve been working at this for how long now? I’m still missing out on some vital component that’s going to show some visible progress, aka actual weight loss, firming, toning, less Buddha in my belly, however you want to think of it. I’m going to keep plugging away until I find it. I’m not giving up by any means, and I’m not denigrating the progress I’ve made. I only wish it were showing more. Still, slow progress is progress, and I’ll keep at it. I feel so much better overall, inside and out, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Actually, now that I think about it–100 isn’t such a bad number, and I’m setting a goal of seeing real, lasting results in my battle with the Buddha (belly) in 100 days, just over three months from now, which will be Dec. 19. No fad diets, nothing spendy in the way of equipment, no weird, expensive foods. Can I do it? Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday, all! Make it a great day!


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