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So, I’ve had a couple or more not-so-great days–you probably didn’t notice–but things are on the upswing today. I have my off days, my bad days, my days I just can’t explain, just like anyone else does. They don’t last, though: they’re bumps in the road, not the end of it. Off days are part of the human condition; not letting them last is something I take as a sign of growth. I’m mindful of the fact that sometimes, as in the case of depression, the causes and effects are more profound and long-lasting, and having gone through more than one depression, I certainly empathize.  Plain ol’ off days are a whole other kettle of fish.

I’m continuing to work toward getting my proofreading/editing business up and looking legit. I ordered business cards yesterday and am considering a website, but likely only after I get a gig or two so I can actually pay for it. I’m working on the Facebook page, too, and continue posting my ad daily on Craigslist. I’m fortunate in that I have friends on two campuses who have readily offered to help me get the word out, and that’s incentive to get some fliers worked up. Another friend who’s a good photographer did up some shots of books for me this morning and I’ve used one on the FB page, and I love it!

In other news, I’ve gone on record as having set a new hat goal for the upcoming year: a somewhat modest 30, down from the goal of 54 for the past year. This is a less stressful number and will allow me to have the leisure to work on other knitting projects as well, without feeling like I need to be cranking away on a hat all the time. I also want to branch out some and do something other than simple hats and beanies, like hats with actual patterns (gasp!). I think some mild challenge in my knitting might just refresh me some.

It’s freaking hot here today so no walkies, not even this evening. I’ve walked the last two days and a break is allowable, though weights and yoga would be a good idea, too. I’ll need to venture out later for a catsitting gig, though. Woe! though I am looking forward to seeing Miss Magpie.

That’s my Monday–make it a great day, wherever you are!




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