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It was a dogged kind of walk, just one foot in front of the other, keep going, just up around the bend, don’t stop. My back hurt and I had half a bucket of sand and rock in my right shoe and still I just kept going.

That’s what it takes some walks. Just keep going.

The reward for that persistence was not just getting another walk in–it was also having the park virtually to myself and having the time and the quiet to have a good long sit-and-think in peace. It was just me and the critters in the park, and I liked it. I liked it a great deal.

As much as I love having social time with my friends, I still need time alone and always will. Those are the moments that recharge me, that refresh my soul, that offer me insights and comfort and healing when those are the things I need. Never underestimate the power of quiet.

Today I’m looking to find a different kind of persistence, the kind that says “quit dicking around and get some stuff done that needs doing.” That requires another cup of coffee, at least, but really, I am going to quit dicking around today.

Happy Wednesday, all! Here’s hoping you find the persistence you need today to do what needs to be done, and that you make it a great day!


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I'm a reader and writer and knitter, a sister, daughter, and friend. This blog is my letter, of love and hate, frustration and joy, rants and praises, to a great big world. You can read it if you want to.

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