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So the house concert was just that–it was in a house. I had the mistaken notion that it would be in a backyard, but I was soon set straight on that. I was also pushed a little out of my comfort zone, as I hardly knew a soul at the place when I first arrived, but those kinds of experiences can grow a person, and I want to be open to them as they come along. M and M arrived not too long after I did, as well as another friend and his daughter, and though I would have been fine alone, it enriched the experience to have friends to share it with.

It was a great evening. There’s nothing like live music! I got to see and hear a musician friend of mine, Brett Newski, whom I met a couple of years ago when he and his band played Roosevelt Summer Sundays. There were two other scheduled acts, a solo performer and a trio, and the evening was capped with an impromptu three song set by a guy named Jordan who’s been touring with Brett.

Jordan was wearing a hand-knitted hat that I couldn’t quite stop looking at throughout the evening, and I asked him after the concert  if I could take a look at it. Here’s the thing–guys can be really funny about their hats and who touches them, but he whipped that thing right off, almost instinctively knowing why I wanted to look at it. He told me his sister had knit it for him, so I know it’s something irreplaceable, but if I get a chance, I’m going to knit up another hat to give to Jordan, just for being such a sweet kid, letting me look his hat over (twice), and for hugging me, sweetly and spontaneously, also twice. There are good people in this world, but you have to get out there to find them! Move out of that comfort zone–it’ll reward you! Sometimes it’ll kick you in the teeth, but more often than not, it will reward you!

And yep, I’m going to hack a pattern to more or less replicate Jordan’s hat. It was wicked cool. My friend M, also a knitter, was also eying it throughout the evening, and I’d be very happy to share a pattern with her, and possibly the knitting world. Stay tuned–it might just end up on Ravelry!

It’s another gorgeous day, and one that I need to get out into later. Duties call now, however. Happy Tuesday, all–make it a great day!


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