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I went walking last evening and it was darn near perfect. It was still quite warm out, though not the blasting heat of the last few days. I felt good. I typically complete about 98% of my walk, then stop at a shelter along the trail for a little sit-and-think, and that does my soul as much good as the walk does. I like very much that I have the ability to be still.

People have forgotten how to be still, how to be quiet, and how to just let themselves be. As I was out doing my errands yesterday, I passed a bus stop. I had to wait for the light to turn, so I amused myself by observing the college-age kids at the stop. There were nine of them; seven of the nine had their phones out and were frantically fiddling away on them. Not a book in site, not a person just sitting being still. The two not on their phones gave me a little hope–they were talking with each other. Conversation is good.

Also good was the rain we got last night. I’d had a restless night of it but the nice thing is, I was awake ahead of the rain and could smell it coming. It was pretty sweet to catch that scent on the wind, then hear the rain fall and the thunder booming. It’s been a long time since we’ve had rain, and though it wasn’t nearly enough to break the drought we’re back in after a very wet spring, it was most welcome. It’s been clear, bright, sunny, and very comfortable this morning. A beauty of a day so far.

Wishing you a beautiful day, too!




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  1. I could never understand people who go outside to walk, run or bike and have to have headphones stuck in their ears. I never used headphones back when I was running and I still don’t during my walks. I like to experience nature by sight and sound! I also like to hear what is behind me!


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