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So I’m at the bookstore using the “free” wifi that costs twenty bucks a year–that’s how much it costs to join the Millionaire’s Club at BAM. Here’s the thing: it’s been pretty nice not to have internet. Yeah, I said it. NICE. I’ve done other stuff aside from wasting hours online, things I like to do such as knitting and reading and I’ve even invested some time into cleaning my house. Shocker, I know! but I did! Folks, there is life beyond the internet, and it’s pretty sweet!

It’s been a refreshing change to not feel like I had to be online, even though the truth is, I really don’t need to be nearly as much as I am. It hasn’t been a true tech sabbath, because I’ve been online for a few minutes every day since it went wacky at the house to check my email and such, but it’s been hours, and that’s no exaggeration, fewer than normal. I could get used to this new normal in some ways–in others, I realize that I do have some dependence on the internet for the foreseeable future. But it’s been nice while it’s lasted.

Last night some of the game night gang gathered at The Other Mike’s house for a movie night. All I could think as we all sprawled out, replete with pizza and chips and grapes and homebrew, was that it was a darn shame that we were so uncomfortable with each other. So stiff, so formal.

I kid, of course. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to be in a group where we’re so at ease with each other. I highly recommend it.

I’d also recommend turning off the computer from time to time and doing some stuff that you like doing and that feeds your soul.

Happy weekend, all! Make the days great!


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