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Firepit? Heck yeah, I’m there. Five of us gathered around D and S’s backyard firepit for a little impromptu potluck last night. Leftovers from game night and whatever else anyone had came together for a good meal, with throwing twigs into the fire and conversation as the evening’s entertainment. Relaxing? You bet. Also spontaneous, unfussy, and a lot of fun.

Knitting at the shop was fun yesterday as well, and progress was made on the first of the hats I’ll do for the purple hat project–see yesterday’s post for a link to more info if you’re interested. Nice folks, knitting, a good cause,  and some stash yarn used–wins all the way around!

I had another dandy walk yesterday before heading over to D and S’s and will get out again later today. This weather, though kind of freakily unseasonably cool, is just too good to miss, and being outside while I can is a priority just now. The weatherman says it’s going to heat up this coming week, which I won’t find too unwelcome, but still–coolish days and nights have been a treat this August.

I’m returning to my tech sabbathing starting today and will be offline, thankfully, most of the rest of the day. Happy Sunday! Make it a great day, all!


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  1. We love going over to Steve and Joanie’s home for potluck and firepit time. They have makings for smoorers (?) as well as anything else we want to roast. We don’t even dodge the smoke. What fun times telling stories and laughing. They also have yard games, which are not my favorite thing to do, and lots of good conversations. Days and nights around our family campsites as well as Girl Scout campsites come back as reminders of good times past. Enjoy your day off!

    • S’mores! We didn’t have those Saturday night because there was too much other tasty nosh, but they sure are good!

      My aunt Goldie (yep, that’s her real name) always used to say that smoke follows beauty, so heck no, don’t dodge the smoke!


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