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Part of yesterday was devoted to chipping away at the malware/spyware/evilnastygunk on my lemon of a computer. It’s worse than I thought, but I’m not through with it yet. Taking a breather is not the same as throwing in the towel, and I’ll be back at it in another day or two. It’s a mission now, getting that thing cleaned up and restored to full function. Good times.

Today, I’ll be meeting up with my friend Linda for lunch and a little time catching up. Burritos for two on Chipotle Grill’s lovely patio, overlooking scenic South Duff, the main north/south drag through town, sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t love the sight, sound, and smell of traffic along with her burrito? The view doesn’t matter nearly as much as the company, in any case, and it’ll be good to spend a couple of hours with Linda setting the world to rights, then it’ll be an errand or two for me and off to the park.

My walk yesterday–it was fantastic! Quite a change from the day before, and a welcome one at that. I felt great, a little stiff in the hips to start, but that soon worked itself out, and it was one of those days when I felt like I might just be able to go on forever. Those are the days I live for, the days I work for, when everything comes together in a perfect storm of good feeling, and every creak and ache and bit of soreness I’ve had these last months is so very worth those moments of feeling so very good.

I’m still working on photographing things to post on the community swap site and hope to have that done and have pics posted by next Monday. I’m ready for that stuff that’s just weighing me down to go somewhere else where it’ll be appreciated, and I’m not saying a little extra cash will go amiss. A little extra cash never goes amiss around here.

That’s it for me–happy Thursday, all! Make it a great day!



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