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Seriously, I think I’ve put on weight. My eating and exercise routines need an overhaul if I’m to get to where I want to be, which is certainly a slimmer me, but the ultimate goals are health and well-being. I can’t say I haven’t made huge strides toward both of those goals–this blog bears witness to that. But yep, I’d like to see less of me.

One thing I need to be mindful of is my “treating” myself to an indulgence. Once in a great while is fine, but I’ve had a few too many treats lately and that has to come to an end. So do the fast food runs, and dealing with hurts and frustrations with food–much of my overeating is emotional, and I can find better ways to deal with those emotions than by stuffing them down my throat. I’ve misplaced the discipline I once had in terms of eating well, but mindfully. I’m intent on finding that again.

On the positive side of things, physically I know I’m stronger, have more stamina, and overall feel better. I have less back pain, less joint achiness, move more easily in general, and have more defined arms, shoulders, and legs. It’s that bit in the middle that’s still rounder than I want it to be. I want less apple, more core.

And here’s the thing–it’s hard admit the lack of visible progress after months and months of effort, but it’s not something I can really hide from anyone who actually sees me, nor can I hide it from myself. There’s a disconnect between intention, effort, and results, and it can be fixed. I’m not giving up.

I can do this.

I’m going to do this.

Wish me luck.

And make it a great day, all!


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