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Casting aspersions and moving on

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Here are the aspersions I will cast: there are bitches and bastards in the world, liars and cheats and those who blame everyone but themselves for their failings. I’d liken those folks to the guy who hits his partner, apologizes in an overblown and abject manner and promises he’ll never do it again, and then adds “but you made me do it.” Really? I’m calling bullshit, and I’d no more believe that kind of guy than I’d believe similar behavior in others. Learn your lesson from these types, take your lumps if you have to, and then walk away and don’t look back. These people are not worth your precious time or your precious life. To hell with them. I’d also say they’re not worth a great expenditure of angry emotion, either. Cuss a little and then move on. Don’t let such unworthies take up space in your head. And I’m taking my own advice here and just walking away from toxic, mean-spirited, and unworthy people. Begone.

Done venting now, and here’s my theme song for the day:

Worthy of my time, however–eminently so–are my nieces. I spent the afternoon with them and my mom yesterday, with a great lunch out, then a drive over to Ledges State Park just west of here a few miles. The girls and I got out and took a good walk, following a tiny stream of water to where it joins up to the mighty Des Moines River. We skipped rocks, or tried to, walked the sandbar, made shell, rock, and stick “families,” giggled and just enjoyed some time together. A quick drive south and we ended up at the beautiful Iowa Arboretum, where we just hung out in the gift shop and conference area. Just off the conference room is a patio filled with bird feeders and it was alive with many birds, and as Mom isn’t able to walk very far without difficulty, it was a great way and  place to spend some time together without going trekking. It was a good day for all.

Friday already! I’m looking forward to an evening with some of my knitting friends tonight and whatever else the day brings. I’m making it a great day and hope you do, too!

ETA: Just finished up some lovely, sweaty weights and yoga, and man oh man, do I feel good! It’s a blessing to be able to move, however creakily it may be at times, and it’s well worth the effort for the benefits to mind, body, and spirit. All you have to do is start.



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