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Assessing the Stupid Tax

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Yep, I bought both computers I looked at, and while one–the one I’m using to write this post on–works just fine, the other one, well, not so much. It’s insanely slow for browsing, and not at all something I want to have thrown money at. What I get for being greedy, eh? I’ve contacted the seller and requested a return and refund, though I’ve not heard back from him as yet. I want to give him  a reasonable opportunity to respond before I start casting aspersions, but I’m thinking I got a) hosed and b) assessed my Stupid Tax. Ah well–it happens, doesn’t it? The good thing in this–and you knew I’d find some good in it, didn’t you?–is that I paid so relatively little for the computers that I can, not that it won’t hurt some, absorb the cost. Maybe talk myself into believing I paid the total sum for the good computer and got the stinker for free. Hey, I’m an English major, after all–I can put a spin on lots of things. I will say this about the stinker–the DVD player works well, and there’s some potential to use it for entertainment purposes. I could probably wring my money’s worth out of it that way if I have to.

So, though it seems sometimes I’ll never learn about some things, like buying electronics, there’s a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, and if this is all the Stupid Tax I’m assessed this year, I’m getting off pretty lightly.

One electronics purchase I’m not at all sorry for is my recently acquired Kindle. It really is a dandy little device, and once I got over “download fever,” a period of madness during which I downloaded free books indiscriminately, which led to very scattered reading, I’ve come to appreciate its ease of use, the small size and light weight, and the anticipation of enjoying reading the big fat books I like so well on a tiny little device, instead of in a big, heavy, expensive book. It does not replace paper-and-ink books, but augments them nicely. I’m glad I got it.

Now if I can just get rid of that lemon of a computer . . .

And with that, I’ll say I’m pretty heartily sick of computers for now, and am taking most of the rest of the day offline. Too much is too much and that’s what I’ve had. I need a good long walk to blow out the cobwebs and refresh me.

Happy Wednesday, all, and may you dodge the taxman! Make it a great day!

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