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I didn’t make it out for a walk yesterday–my head just hurt too much. They are a plague, those stinkin’ headaches. I did, however, enjoy my birthday dinner at Le’s Vietnamese here in town. If you live around here, give ’em a go–I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Fabulous service and wonderful, fresh, tasty food. My other brother, his wife, and my oldest niece had never been there before, so it was fun to share that experience with them, and I think they’ll be going back. I’ll be going back later, or at least to the fridge, for some tasty leftovers for my lunch.

Today, I will be getting out for my walk, come heck or high water. I need to move, and it’s far too nice a day to be inside. Sunshine, clear skies, and blue, blue water are calling me.

Finally, it’s come to this: I’m casting on a hat today. Dang it,  I miss them, and nothing else I’ve been working at has been very satisfying.  That’s not quite true–I have enjoyed what I’ve worked on, but I still miss hats. So it’s another hat, and I’m going to enjoy the heck out of knitting it. One of my knitting friends–heck, she’s an all-purpose friend, not just confined to my knitting world–recently dubbed me the Mad Hatter, and you know what? I like it! Hats for all the cold heads and frozen ears out there! Or some of them–I’m pretty sure I can’t cover every head that needs covering, but I might just try.

Happy Sunday, all! Make it a great day!


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