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Birthday eve

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It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous day, still unseasonably cool, but oh, so sunny! and that makes me a happy Kymm. I’m out for a walk as soon as I can go, then I’ll be getting ready for my birthday potluck and celebration of the completion of the Random Hats Project. Good friends and a beautiful park and good food, followed by good music–looks like a recipe for a great day!

I don’t have any particular plans for tomorrow other than meeting up with some knitting peeps, but I’m thinking I may head to the park for the day, just to soak in all the beauty and some sun and get a few new freckles into the bargain.

I’m not, as you know, doing the kind of knitting challenge in the upcoming year that I took on this past year, though I am standing firm on my “use what you’ve got” challenge. That doesn’t mean I don’t have plans for the next year. Subject to tinkering, here are a few of them:

* Keep moving! My body may not have changed much over the last year or so, but man oh man, what a change in my soul, and that would not have happened without getting myself up and moving. The systemic effects of physical activity can’t be downplayed, not in my book. Healthy body = a healthy mind and spirit, and I’m so much healthier in all three critical and inter-dependent areas of my life that I’m content to move at an outward snail’s pace in regard to my body in exchange for the transformation in the interior. That, my friends, has been huge, and I’m not trading that for anything. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more change in my body in the next weeks.

* Continue working toward a healthier relationship with food. I understand that this will be a lifelong thing now, and that there will be times when I don’t do so well. I also understand that every moment offers an opportunity to turn things around, and that leads to the next goal:

* More mindfulness. In regard to food, particularly, but also to what my body needs otherwise, whether rest or exercise or a bit of pampering. Also in regard to what my soul needs to thrive and grow.

* Speak my truth as it needs to be spoken. Sometimes, plain words are necessary; other times, some delicacy is required.

* Continue to weed out the practices that wither my soul, along with the people who do.  Simply put, I have very little time or tolerance for bullshit these days, and even less for persistent negativity, complaining, meanness, and pettiness.

* Keep building relationships with worthy folks.

* Be true, to myself, to what matters to me, to the people who matter to me, and to the one who holds my heart.

* Keep on doing what good I can in this world. I’ve said it before–that part of me is the very best of me.

The journey continues! My thanks to all of you who’ve companioned me along the way thus far. We are not meant to be alone in this world, and your support and friendship has enabled this long but fruitful process. Stay with me, won’t you? because I’m not done yet, and maybe–just maybe–I can be a help to you in your journey, too.

Happy sunny Sunday, all! Make it a great day!

ETA: The walk might be off for today. Sciatica is flaring up, but regardless of that, I’m making it the best day I possibly can.


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