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So, just some random observations today:

* Sometimes, I’m an idiot who ought to just leave well enough alone.

* Relationships of any kind are fraught with pitfalls.

* Sometimes, the pitfalls are worth it. Other times, you’d best just haul ass.

* Mistakes happen, and sometimes they never quite go away.

* On the positive side of things, I think mistakes come back to nip at you to not only get you moving along on your chosen path in a little more lively way, but to show you how far you’ve come from where you were. You can be glad you’re not where you were or who you were when that, whatever that is, happened. You can forget the ground you’ve gained, and a little reminder in that case might not be a bad thing. It still stings to get nipped in the butt, though.

* What I just said, only more succinctly and elegantly:

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

–Pema Chodron

* I’m “doing my hair” today, aka coloring it, and just looked in the mirror to check the coverage. I looked like Medusa! Gave me a good laugh, and I’m thinking that’s a good way to wrap this up.

Make it a great day, all!







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