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I spent part of my morning with some of my knitting peeps, and even though I was the last one to get there–mornings have never been my strong suit, and I was a little slower to start this morning than usual–it was a good time. Knitters are, for the most part, nice people, and these folks are good ‘uns. There are the yarn snobs, of course, but I don’t hang with them.

I cast on something last night that will, in time, be another Moderne Log Cabin blanket. It’s morphing from the planned big block garter blanket into the Log Cabin for one simple reason: my knitterly goal for the next year is to buy no yarn and use what I have. I do have a gift certificate for the local yarn shop that I will need to use before years’ end, but other than that, my plan is to go stash-diving for all of my yarny needs.

I did some figuring and drawing of schematics yesterday (something that always makes my head hurt) and determined that I didn’t have enough of the colors I wanted to complete the big block blanket as planned. My first response was to figure out how much more yarn I’d need and then I went to the Knit Picks website and dang if I didn’t actually add yarn to my cart. That is some serious kind of crazy talk right there, especially on the heels of going through my stash. Luckily, I caught myself before I got into trouble and after a stern talking to, I realized that the real solution was not buying more yarn, but re-thinking the project to fit what I have. I knew I wanted something in garter stitch, and something that would utilize most, if not all, of the skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that I have in abundance–five colors, ranging from a tan heather to three shades of green to a beautiful blue. The Log Cabin is a perfect choice.

The three or four other Log Cabins I’ve worked on showed me its versatility, and barring some really bad color choices, it’ll work with just about any yarn, and endless tinkering is possible to allow for different quantities of different colors. And it’s all garter stitch–just blissful knit, knit, knit. Nary a purl to be seen, and that’s just fine by me. This will be a long-term project, and that, too, is just fine. I like having something big to work on, not having any pressure to work to deadline, and truly enjoying the time I spend working on it, picking it up and putting it down at will. And not spending another dime on it? That’s priceless.

In other news, I got an email this morning telling me my Kindle is on its way. I’m trying not to get too excited over it, given recent tech events. But I’m secretly wishing I’ll love it.

It’s hot again but the last day, so say the weather folk, before a cool-down beginning tomorrow. I’ll be staying in this afternoon but am hoping for a walk this evening. I had a great one yesterday afternoon and want to keep up the momentum. Feeling good feels good!

Make it a great day, all!


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