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Remember my to-do list from last week? Five out of eleven done, and a couple are qualified. I managed to: start cleaning up the joint, do my dishes every day (although I forgot about them yesterday), not waste time on things I don’t have to think about yet, do my Wal-mart run, and I forget what the other one is, but I did it and I’m pretty sure I nailed it, whatever it is. Booyah!

The smell of rain is in the air here this morning and it’s most welcome. After a very wet June, it’s been a very dry July, and everything is a little wilted. A good steady fall of rain would refresh man, woman, beast, and field. Let it fall.

Later–I must have jinxed it. After a brief pattering of rain and a rumble or two of thunder in the distance, the sun is trying to come out. Nertz. Ah well. I’ll be able to get out for a walk this morning, so there’s some good in it.

Anyway–since having come concrete goals is helpful to me, here’s what I’m shooting for in the week to come:

1. Move it! Five out of seven days would be great. Six of seven would be even better.

2. Get those dishes done, every day!

3. Get all the plates, utensils, and bottled water I need for my birthday potluck/celebration of the completion of the Random Hats Project  next Sunday.

4. Get my hat bought and bedecked for the aforementioned potluck.

5. Get my driver’s license renewed. This really should be number one.

6. Mail the hat that needs to be mailed.

7. Continue to focus on eating a healthful variety of foods, and keep on with mostly vegetarian dishes.

8. Buy some quinoa. See # 7.

I think I’ll stop there–it looks like a pretty full list to me. Yep, I’m an underachiever!

Happy Sunday, all–make it a great day!





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