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It got up to somewhere around 95 yesterday and it was a good day to stay in during the heat of the day and get a few things done. At the top of my list was untangling a good-sized bag of yarn, full of odd balls left over from various projects.  It was a mare’s nest, but little by little, chaos turned into order. It’s the kind of task I enjoy under the right conditions, and I felt a sense of satisfaction when the last ball was rewound and put in an old stoneware bowl that once belonged to my grandma. It’s a pretty and colorful bowl of possibilities now instead of a bagful of mess. Not a bad way to spend an hour or so.

Since yarn was on my mind, I dug through the rest of the stash, barring my 20-gallon crock o’ yarn, and gathered the yarn for my big block garter blanket together in one container. Yarn I was “meh” or “oh dear god what was I thinking when I bought that” about went into a big bag to be taken to the knitting group at the library; leftovers will go to the Goodwill, most likely. I feel good about that. Today, I think I’ll turn out the crock and see what’s in there.

Part of the fun of digging through the stash was finding skeins I didn’t know I had, and I was delighted to find about a dozen future hats in the depths of my boxes. Made me very happy, and the best part? most of the yarn was given to me. Win!

I did get out for my walk last night around 7:30. It was still hot, but not unbearable, and I had a good sweaty walk at my favorite park. I’m shooting for another walk this evening, and I’m grateful to be able to get up and move the way I can. It may not be graceful and I’m sure not pretty afterward, but I’m doing something good for me, and that, my friends, makes me happy. It’s worth the sweat and effort. I’m worth it. So are you. Do something potentially ungraceful but good for you today.

Make it a great day, all!


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