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So I did my big Wal-mart run yesterday. Thirty bucks and I came back with one bag. Ouch. It was all stuff that I use regularly, but still. Haircolor? Eight bucks a box now for the mid-range stuff. Every time I buy it, I re-think the hair coloring. I’m not quite ready to go gray, but I do think about it. It many ways, it’d be liberating to just say “to hell with it” and start the process of graying. But I’m not there yet.

I also priced materials for what I’d been planning to use for my special super-awesome birthday hat. Again, ouch. Even using some budget pieces, it would be more money than I’m willing to sink into a one-off, so I’m looking at other options. It’ll still be shiny, festive, and fun, but it’s going to be on the cheap.

I got in my weights and yoga before lunch yesterday, and man, did they feel good! I’m about ready to step things up a bit and move into a little more challenging routines, but I do love the ones I do. I still can’t do push-ups properly, but it’s on my list of long-term goals. One day, I’ll get there. I’d thought I’d maybe get in a walk, too, but decided it was too hot. I was wrong. It really wasn’t unpleasant last evening, with a very nice breeze and the shade of the trees at my fave park, but I’d only worn shoes on my visit there. No socks = no walk. I’ll shoot for a walk this evening. Too many days without one and I start feeling not so great. There’s nothing like a brisk walk to blow out the cobwebs and make me feel like I’ve done something good for myself.

In other park news, I saw my mechanic there last night; he was with his wife and their dog, and my guy and the dog were frolicking in the water. My guy was shirtless. That messed with my head some, and I don’t know if I’ll see him in quite the same way again after that. Some things, a girl just doesn’t need to see.

In non-park-related news, I’ve been back to eating mostly vegetarian this week and I’m liking it, not only for the economy (seriously, I paid 79 cents for a pint box of grape tomatoes at Aldi, and I’ll have gotten three meals and a snack out of that one box by the time the shouting is over. 49 cents for a bag of baby carrots. A buck 99 for hummus. Cheap!), but for the tastiness. I’m branching out a bit and using some different spices and seasonings this week, and thanks to my friend Deanna, I have a couple of new recipes to try out as well. Yay! Good food is good! Good cheap food is better!

Lastly, there’s this: take the time to watch the sunset. Stay out late enough to see the fireflies in their thousands dancing above a green field. Breathe in the good fresh air. Look at the moon and the stars. Drink in the sunshine. Live, every day. And if you have someone to share all that bounty with, love them deeply, fiercely, truly. Life is fleeting. Love is strong. That’s what I know for sure.

Make it a great day, all.

ETA: I was just outside to deal with a burst hose and to freshen up the water in my makeshift birdbath, and it’s wicked hot. I’m not so sure about a walk until perhaps after the sun goes down. If I go that route, I’ll stay in the neighborhood on lighted streets. Not my favorite, but certainly doable.


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