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Sunny Sunday

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It’s sunny and temps promise to be closer to July heat than they have been for the last few days. I’ll be heading out for my walk yet this morning before it gets too hot and sticky, and though I’d love to go to my favorite park, it’s being used today for some Iowa Games activities. I’m okay with an alternate, and anyway, it’s good to change my perspective sometimes.

I’ve come to a decision on a page for readers I’ve been administering on Facebook and it’s this: I’m letting it go. I’m online far too much and it was starting to feel like just one more darn thing I had to do. I feel good about this decision.

More and more, I ask myself these questions about any time or monetary commitments: does this/will this serve my purposes? does this/will this enhance my life? does this/will this simplify my life or add another layer of distraction, complication, or unnecessary expense? Is it fun? Is it fulfilling?

Remember that new computer I had to have? Um, yeah, if only I’d remembered to ask myself these things before I ran off to get it, and before I “fixed” my old one. The one old, by the way, is running faster than it has in ages, and except for being unable to use the CD/DVD device, everything else is working just dandy. I can’t remember the last time I used the CD/DVD thingee, so that is certainly no big deal. I am thinking ahead somewhat to when I’ll have to really replace the computer, or go without (that seems unlikely, but it’s possible), but I really will not have to make any decisions until the first part of next year unless this one completely dies on me.  Still, it’s not a bad thing to invest some time into looking at options. Anything with Windows 8 is not an option. Just sayin.’ A few hours with that were more than enough to convince me that O/S is not something that will make my life a happier place to be.

I’m off to get ready for my walk, and will wish you all a lovely Sunday. Make it a great day, all!








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