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It’s cool and overcast this morning–hard to believe it’s nearly mid-July with this kind of weather. Sleeping has been very pleasant the last couple of nights, and not having to run the AC is always a bonus. Fresh air is as necessary as fresh water, I think.

I’ve been house-and-cat sitting for D and S for a few days, and the kitters and I have been taking advantage of the milder weather by enjoying their screened-in porch. They have a couch out there and some chairs and such, and I’ve been particularly enjoying tech-free afternoons sitting on the couch with my book and the cats close by. Miss Pie likes to be within touching distance, while Boo is a bit more independent. It’s been very peaceful, and a welcome break from tech issues–which are finally resolved–and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with the cats.

I have been making a point of getting my exercise in, too, and got out for another really wonderful walk last night, this time with bug dope. Other than a couple of skeeters whining in my ears–I’m reluctant to use the bug dope on my face and ears and just take my chances there–and some chiggers around my ankles after I shed my socks post-walk, it was bug-free, and as lovely an evening as it was the night before.

I’m looking forward to another peaceful afternoon. Make it a great day, all!

ETA: After knitting up 56 hats in less than a year (one for the Random Hats Project was a misfire; the extra one was for a different project) and sometimes being really sick of knitting hats, I miss knitting hats. I may have to cast one on later. I thought about it yesterday but was loving working on my big block garter blanket too much. It’d be nice to have a small take-along project again. And I have the yarn. Boy, do I have the yarn . . .


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