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Time to say goodbye?

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So my old computer–which is old, by the way; I think it’s close to ten years old–has been slowing down a whole lot lately. It takes forever for it to start up (keeping in mind that “forever” these days is a few minutes), freezes up frequently, and kind of creaks along like an elderly turtle. It might be time to say goodbye to it.

My computer was a freebie. It’d been my office computer, back when I had an office, and when it was replaced with a shiny new one, I was allowed to keep the old one. They were singing my song, after all–“Free!”–and I’ve used the stuffing out of it since. When my keyboard went wonky, I scrounged a plug-in one that sits atop the built-in keyboard and I’ve used it like that for a couple of years. I’m not afraid to make do, and I’ve made do pretty happily until the last several months. Now, I’m reasonably sure I’ve “gotten the goodie,” as my dad would have said, out of this computer.

I’ve got my eye on a simple little Gateway that doesn’t cost the earth, will do everything I want it to do and more, and did I mention it doesn’t cost a whole lot? I’m a girl on a budget, after all, and when it comes to things like cars and computers and such–heck, pretty much anything–I go the budget route. For example, I paid $5900.00 for my car, a 2005 Toyota, three years ago. Sure, the front end is embellished with duct tape, thanks to the previous owner having a little whoopsie with the car, but the damage is more or less cosmetic, and as long as I can hold it together with duct tape, that’s what I’ll do. I’ve put a few miles on that car since I bought it and plan to put quite a few more on it before I think about anything newer, and as long as it gets me there and back in relative safety, not to mention comfort, I don’t really care what it looks like. $5900.00 was a steal, and I’ve never been sorry I bought that car. I’m hoping I’ll say the same about a new computer.

Being the frugal type, and knowing some time ago that I’d eventually have to replace my computer or go without, I started hoarding gift money and gift cards. Using those, I won’t pay a penny out of my own pocket for a new computer. How sweet is that? Another freebie!

I’d been considering a Kindle Fire HD instead for the extreme portability, but have decided that it would just be too small for daily use as my sole device. I am still thinking strongly of getting a basic Kindle, and I have a way to finance that at no out-of-pocket expense, too. I suspect, despite my early misgivings and sometimes outright scorn of e-readers, that I’d get a fair amount of use and pleasure out of one. I’ll give it a go, for free. Why the heck not? Things can be returned if they don’t work out, after all.

Now if I can just unclench long enough to hand over the cash for the computer . . .

Enjoy your Sunday, all!


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