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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my mortality–which is not as grim as you may think, but when you have an 87-year-old in your daily life, you have to acknowledge that life does not go on forever, and you may as well be doing at least a portion of the things you’ve always wanted to do, because you may not get the chance to later on. Things like going out west to explore, seeing the ocean, spending a night under a desert sky while a canopy of stars wheel over your head, or loving someone full tilt.

Well. I’ve got the “loving someone” bit nailed, but as for the rest? it’s time to start working on that bucket list, both in creating it and doing stuff I want to do before I’m either too old or I kick the bucket (har har). Big or small, it doesn’t matter–if it’s something I keep thinking about, then it goes on the list. Many things I want to do require some degree of physical wellness–all the more reason to get after getting fit a little harder, right? Stay tuned on the bucket list thing–I may or may not be posting about it. You never know with me.

I had a nice relaxing evening with M and S last night–dinner, some knitting, and a couple episodes of “Law and Order: UK.” Great progress was made on Number 55 (I am not an addict! I can stop anytime I want!), but when I picked it up again this morning, a mistake that could only be remedied by frogging back was found. Good-bye, three inches of knitting! But, as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say, that only means more of my favorite hobby. I still have plenty of time to get it done and mailed off to its next stop.

I’m kind of liking not having any knitting deadlines. I’m also kind of casting around (har har again. You’d get that if you were a knitter) for the next thing. I have a big giant garter stitch blanket started and have spent some time loving on that thing this week, but it’s summer, it’s kind of hot sometimes for a lapful of wool, and it’ll eventually be too big to drag around with me. I’ve got a couple of vague notions for other, non-hat projects, but I don’t know if they’ll come to anything.

I bought a pair of Pottery Barn for Kids curtains yesterday–five whole bucks. The curtains are in great shape, but the color? not so much. A very pale blue, and while I like blue a lot–it’s my favorite color–this just isn’t quite it for me. Given that they’re cotton, I’m going to try dyeing them. Eventually. Wish me luck! Fortune favors the foolish, after all!

It’s a hot one today so there won’t be any walking. Weights and yoga are on the agenda, and since I haven’t done either one for several days, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to getting together with some folks tonight to have a low-key birthday celebration honoring a friend. Drinks on a patio on a warm summer’s night–sounds pretty sweet to me!

Time suck for the day:

Sometimes, I wish I’d been a hippie.

That’s my Saturday mash. Hope your day treats you well. Happy Saturday, all!



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