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Wednesday natterings

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I got my walk in yesterday, and though it threatened rain all day, a few paltry sprinkles were all we got. It’s a bit warmer and sunnier today, but still without the heat and humidity that ought to come with an Iowa summer. Weird weather, and it probably goes without saying, but I’m not looking forward to whatever the winter months may bring, given the strange cycle we seem to be in now.

That’s still a few months away, thankfully, and in the meantime, I’m trying as much as I can to soak in the beauties of the season, storing up memories of green growing things, brilliant blue bodies of water, flowers growing wild, birds singing, because I will sorely miss them later on.

Another walk is in the works for later today, and then I’m looking forward to meeting up with some friends for a birthday barbeque–not for my birthday, but my friend G, who’s turning 46. Or maybe 47, I forget, but he IS having a birthday. Good times to come, however old he may be. I hope the sun shines on him as it did for me at my potluck.

That’s it for now–I need to get some laundry started. There will never be enough clean white socks in my sock drawer, or possibly the world, I’ve concluded, or maybe I just need to buy some more. Most of mine are in a shockingly unwearable condition–I tend to blow out the heels. Whatever you’re doing today, and whether your socks are holey or not, make it a good day!

A good day

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It’s a cool and overcast day here, made for curling up with a book and a cup of hot tea, and I may just do that after a while. Thanks to my Kindle and my library of paper-and-ink books, as well as a great local public library, I’m pretty well set for life, reading-wise. That investment of a whopping dollar and ninety-eight cents into the Kindle has fired up (did you see what I did there? Clever me!) my love of reading. The only problem now is that I spend far more time looking for books for the Kindle–and there are tons of free ones. Free! One of my favorite words!–than I do actually reading. Maybe that’ll stop once the new wears off some, and while I still have room for more. Today, I’m looking at mostly children’s classics, some that are old favorites, others that I’ve meant to read over the years but just never got to. It’s good fun!

I do plan on a walk today, if it doesn’t rain. I won’t complain if it does, as it’s mighty dry around these parts, and there’s always my weights and yoga to do, but a walk would feel pretty darn good today after some birthday indulgences on Sunday. Yesterday’s birthday treat was a free bowl of noodles from Noodles and Co.–bangkok curry with sauteed shrimp, if you’re curious–and it was delicious! Just enough heat to make it interesting, and chockful of veggies and those tasty shrimp. It was a great birthday lunch, and the day overall gets a gold star. Yep, it was a good day.

I’m thrilled that my oldest niece will be back in town this weekend and will be able to come to the family birthday dinner planned for Saturday night. I haven’t seen my girl since she graduated in May and I’m looking forward to it! I haven’t settled on a place for my dinner yet, though it’s down to two now. Maybe three.

As for being 54 goes, it feels remarkably like being 53. It’s only a number, and as Satchel Paige said, age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter. And anyway, the best is yet to come. I believe that.

Happy Tuesday, all! Make it a great day!

One more circle

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A quick look back at my 53rd year and here’s what I see: there were some bumps along the road, but then, there will always be bumps. Mostly what I see is that I’ve come a goodly piece down the road from where I was last year. Today, I’m looking ahead to where I might be at this time next year. I’m glad to begin this leg of the journey, going one more circle ’round the sun.

This, coincidentally, is my 600th post. Thanks for traveling along with me!

Birthday eve

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It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous day, still unseasonably cool, but oh, so sunny! and that makes me a happy Kymm. I’m out for a walk as soon as I can go, then I’ll be getting ready for my birthday potluck and celebration of the completion of the Random Hats Project. Good friends and a beautiful park and good food, followed by good music–looks like a recipe for a great day!

I don’t have any particular plans for tomorrow other than meeting up with some knitting peeps, but I’m thinking I may head to the park for the day, just to soak in all the beauty and some sun and get a few new freckles into the bargain.

I’m not, as you know, doing the kind of knitting challenge in the upcoming year that I took on this past year, though I am standing firm on my “use what you’ve got” challenge. That doesn’t mean I don’t have plans for the next year. Subject to tinkering, here are a few of them:

* Keep moving! My body may not have changed much over the last year or so, but man oh man, what a change in my soul, and that would not have happened without getting myself up and moving. The systemic effects of physical activity can’t be downplayed, not in my book. Healthy body = a healthy mind and spirit, and I’m so much healthier in all three critical and inter-dependent areas of my life that I’m content to move at an outward snail’s pace in regard to my body in exchange for the transformation in the interior. That, my friends, has been huge, and I’m not trading that for anything. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more change in my body in the next weeks.

* Continue working toward a healthier relationship with food. I understand that this will be a lifelong thing now, and that there will be times when I don’t do so well. I also understand that every moment offers an opportunity to turn things around, and that leads to the next goal:

* More mindfulness. In regard to food, particularly, but also to what my body needs otherwise, whether rest or exercise or a bit of pampering. Also in regard to what my soul needs to thrive and grow.

* Speak my truth as it needs to be spoken. Sometimes, plain words are necessary; other times, some delicacy is required.

* Continue to weed out the practices that wither my soul, along with the people who do.  Simply put, I have very little time or tolerance for bullshit these days, and even less for persistent negativity, complaining, meanness, and pettiness.

* Keep building relationships with worthy folks.

* Be true, to myself, to what matters to me, to the people who matter to me, and to the one who holds my heart.

* Keep on doing what good I can in this world. I’ve said it before–that part of me is the very best of me.

The journey continues! My thanks to all of you who’ve companioned me along the way thus far. We are not meant to be alone in this world, and your support and friendship has enabled this long but fruitful process. Stay with me, won’t you? because I’m not done yet, and maybe–just maybe–I can be a help to you in your journey, too.

Happy sunny Sunday, all! Make it a great day!

ETA: The walk might be off for today. Sciatica is flaring up, but regardless of that, I’m making it the best day I possibly can.

Saturday shortie

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So my brothers came over this morning to move my Dad’s Indian Roadmaster motorcycle out of the garage to a better storage facility. It was the first time in many years that I’d seen it fully uncovered, and though I’ve never been a rider, I still appreciate a handsome and well-made machine, and Dad’s Indian, even in kind of rough shape, is just that. Pics are posted on Facebook, and for the next 24 hours or so, my profile will be public if you want to toddle on over there and take a look. I’m here:

It’s a cool and windy day here, and while I am anxious to get out for a walk later on, I have some prep work for tomorrow’s potluck left to do first. I’ll put on my long pants and get out to the store this afternoon to pick up the few remaining things I need. I’m really looking forward to the time with my peeps tomorrow, even though it might be kind of  a weird and surreal collision of different segments of my life. My circle of friends encompasses a diverse group of individuals! I wouldn’t have it any other way, truth to tell–each of them enriches my life in a different way.

That’s it for me–I’m off for some lunch, then out to get ‘er done. Happy Saturday! Make it a great day, all!

The best is yet to come

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So the trip to the Big City was a success, and though I only hit up three places, I was very satisfied with my choices and with the relatively piddly cost of a few hours of vacation time–$35.00, give or take.

First up was the chock-full-of-colorful-merchandise World Market. I took my time strolling through the store, noting various things I could use my birthday coupon on,  intent on using it well. There was a lot more I might have bought, but in the end, I came out with a pretty new pair of earrings, a couple of votive holders, a bottle of birthday beer (see pic below), a little birthday chocolate, and a giant bottle of extra virgin olive oil. I was happy!

Birthday beer!

Birthday beer!

Getting peckish, I then headed over to Qdoba for a mango/chicken salad and a free naked burrito, thanks to the BOGO coupon they’d kindly sent me. Lunch and dinner on the relative cheap? You know I like that! I was glad I’d taken my little cooler for the burrito, even if I did end up cramming it into that just slightly too small cooler. I’m still alive today, so I guess there was no harm in a little juice leaking out of it.

Lastly, I went to Half-Price Books and spent some happy time browsing. I picked up two YA novels–Brandon Mull’s Beyonders A World Without Heroes, the first book in a fantasy series that’s new to me. The prologue was very promising! I also bought Graceling by Kristin Cashore on the high recommendation of several of the Youth librarians at my library. Never fear, I still love my little Kindle, but it doesn’t replace real, live books. Nothing could, and it’s always been kind of a thrill for me to buy books. I just love ’em.

A stop at the Sonic along the way, and I headed back to Ames. I missed Happy Hour by about ten minutes, but I still treated myself to a little something tasty, and further treated myself to some quiet time with my Kindle at my favorite park before going home.

It was a fine and refreshing day, and a great way to kick off the weekend plans to celebrate my birthday. It’s funny, but I’m looking forward to it, to the opportunity to live another year. The best is yet to come. Life isn’t through with me yet, and I’m not through with it, either. Yep, the best is yet to come. Stay tuned . . .

Happy Friday, all! Make it a great day!

Thursday quickie

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Just a quickie today. I’m headed to the Big City for my annual pre-birthday trip, which is mostly to use the coupons I get just for living another year. Ten bucks off from World Market? Worth a trip to me! BOGO at Qdoba? I have a cooler for that second burrito–that’s two meals (at least) for the price of one. I’m in! I’m not anticipating a very long day down there; the last time I went, I was done and ready to head for the hills by noon or so, but a little getaway will be nice. And ya know, there are bargains to be had. And then there’s that stop at Sonic on the way back during Happy Hour. Half-price Cherry Limeade for me!

The other big news around here is this: my Kindle arrived yesterday and it took me maybe all of thirty seconds to fall in love with it. After years of sneering at the very notion of e-readers, I’m smitten. It is an elegant little device, it works great, it’s easy to read on it, and yeah, I love it already.  I’d say that was a buck ninety-eight well-spent.

If you have to spend them, may all your bucks be well-spent today. Make it a good day, all!


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So, just some random observations today:

* Sometimes, I’m an idiot who ought to just leave well enough alone.

* Relationships of any kind are fraught with pitfalls.

* Sometimes, the pitfalls are worth it. Other times, you’d best just haul ass.

* Mistakes happen, and sometimes they never quite go away.

* On the positive side of things, I think mistakes come back to nip at you to not only get you moving along on your chosen path in a little more lively way, but to show you how far you’ve come from where you were. You can be glad you’re not where you were or who you were when that, whatever that is, happened. You can forget the ground you’ve gained, and a little reminder in that case might not be a bad thing. It still stings to get nipped in the butt, though.

* What I just said, only more succinctly and elegantly:

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”

–Pema Chodron

* I’m “doing my hair” today, aka coloring it, and just looked in the mirror to check the coverage. I looked like Medusa! Gave me a good laugh, and I’m thinking that’s a good way to wrap this up.

Make it a great day, all!







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So, you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a frugal girl and I like saving my money. It probably won’t surprise you, then, that I like piggy banks. I have a small collection of them, some dating all the way back to my childhood, and yep, all of them have at least a penny in them.

I like all of  my banks, but I often think about the one that got away, thanks, I think, to some over-zealous purging of household goods. I don’t know where it came from or who it officially belonged to, but I loved it and I still miss it. I miss her. She was a cheerful hippo, done up in white ceramic, about six inches high, and she wore a colorful polka-dotted skirt in bright colors–red, blue, green, and yellow. Somewhere along the line, she disappeared, and though I’ve searched the house and just about every box and nook and cranny, she’s long gone. I’ve kept an eye out over the years when I’ve gone to the Goodwill or an antique store–I’ve even scoured eBay–but so far, I haven’t found her twin. Yet. Things sometimes seem to have a way of turning up just when you think they never will.

Sometimes people do, too–I just got an unwelcome email from someone from my past who should stay in the past. Needless to say, I’m choosing not to reply. Yikes.

Anyway–I’ll keep on looking for that hippo. She’s out there somewhere. Sometimes the past needs to stay where it is, as in the case of that email. Other times, you save up the past to relive it later. I guess that’s called “nostalgia.” Not a bad place to visit, most times.

Make it a great day, all!

ETA: All these years I thought she was a hippo–turns out she was a pig(gy bank) after all. I located this on eBay just a minute ago, and now I have a direction to go in! I’m not, by the way, even considering this set, but that’s my bank on the right. I found these on Etsy, as well, and man, I’m mightily tempted!


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I spent part of my morning with some of my knitting peeps, and even though I was the last one to get there–mornings have never been my strong suit, and I was a little slower to start this morning than usual–it was a good time. Knitters are, for the most part, nice people, and these folks are good ‘uns. There are the yarn snobs, of course, but I don’t hang with them.

I cast on something last night that will, in time, be another Moderne Log Cabin blanket. It’s morphing from the planned big block garter blanket into the Log Cabin for one simple reason: my knitterly goal for the next year is to buy no yarn and use what I have. I do have a gift certificate for the local yarn shop that I will need to use before years’ end, but other than that, my plan is to go stash-diving for all of my yarny needs.

I did some figuring and drawing of schematics yesterday (something that always makes my head hurt) and determined that I didn’t have enough of the colors I wanted to complete the big block blanket as planned. My first response was to figure out how much more yarn I’d need and then I went to the Knit Picks website and dang if I didn’t actually add yarn to my cart. That is some serious kind of crazy talk right there, especially on the heels of going through my stash. Luckily, I caught myself before I got into trouble and after a stern talking to, I realized that the real solution was not buying more yarn, but re-thinking the project to fit what I have. I knew I wanted something in garter stitch, and something that would utilize most, if not all, of the skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that I have in abundance–five colors, ranging from a tan heather to three shades of green to a beautiful blue. The Log Cabin is a perfect choice.

The three or four other Log Cabins I’ve worked on showed me its versatility, and barring some really bad color choices, it’ll work with just about any yarn, and endless tinkering is possible to allow for different quantities of different colors. And it’s all garter stitch–just blissful knit, knit, knit. Nary a purl to be seen, and that’s just fine by me. This will be a long-term project, and that, too, is just fine. I like having something big to work on, not having any pressure to work to deadline, and truly enjoying the time I spend working on it, picking it up and putting it down at will. And not spending another dime on it? That’s priceless.

In other news, I got an email this morning telling me my Kindle is on its way. I’m trying not to get too excited over it, given recent tech events. But I’m secretly wishing I’ll love it.

It’s hot again but the last day, so say the weather folk, before a cool-down beginning tomorrow. I’ll be staying in this afternoon but am hoping for a walk this evening. I had a great one yesterday afternoon and want to keep up the momentum. Feeling good feels good!

Make it a great day, all!