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It’s a cool but very pleasant 68 degrees now. Hard to believe it’s the last day of June, both in terms of the cooler weather and the way this year has been speeding by, the long and tedious winter notwithstanding. With all the rain earlier in the month, the landscape is one of lush green and I’m not sure I could ever get too much of it. I love this time of verdant fullness so.

It’s been very windy the last couple of days but has settled today. Despite the wind, I got out to my favorite park yesterday for a really good walk. I surprised myself with the pace and though my back started complaining toward the end, I think I set a new record for walking the trail looping around the water. It felt good. I’m finally getting into that fitness walking groove again, with a faster pace and longer distances without either feeling like I might have a coronary or having to stop more than a few seconds to catch my breath. I keep remembering that I started out earlier this year with just ten minutes a day, and I’m proud of the progress I’ve made.

I finally broke down yesterday and bought new walking shoes. If you saw what I’ve been wearing, you’d probably wonder why I waited so long. Now comes the fun of breaking them in. Whee! I really shouldn’t wait so long, but hunting for and buying any kind of wearable isn’t my idea of a good time. Also, I hate spending the money.

One last thing–I have to confess to another slowdown in the Random Hats project. Number 54 is on the needles, but I’ve made little progress this week. I’ve been reading a lot instead of knitting, and while I’d been shooting for completion of Number 54 by the end of June, aka today, I’m okay with July 1st or so. As long as it’s done well before the end of the month. I’ve been enjoying my reading too much to feel too badly about not knitting much this week. There will be a Number 55, as I’ve committed one to a special project, but then I think the hat making will have a holiday. Or not. You can never tell with me.

Oh–one last last thing–my charity: water birthday campaign has exceeded my goal, thanks to a couple of generous donations from a couple of dear friends. To say that I was deeply touched and grateful is not enough, but it’s what I have to offer.

It’s going to be a great day here. I’m wishing you the same, wherever you are. Happy Sunday!


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