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It’s a beautiful, mild, sunny day so far. I love days like this, when it’s pleasantly warm without intense heat or humidity.

I woke early to a welcome sight–the shadows of the leaves on the trees outside my window dancing in the breeze. I may or may not have heard mooing in the distance. Yes, it’s Iowa and we’re lousy with cattle, but it’s uncommon to hear them in town, even on the outskirts as I am. Maybe I was dreaming–who knows?

Mooing or not, there was no getting back to sleep, even for another half an hour, so up I got and started my day. Most of it so far has been sucked up by what I’ve come to think of as the daily nonsense, when I’m online for an unreasonable length of time doing nothing in particular. This is such a bugaboo for me, and I often wish I didn’t have the easy access to the internet that I have. Sure, I’d miss some things that are a part of my daily life, but for the most part, I think there might be a sense of release from what feels like the enslavement of online life. I would likely not have renewed my contract for internet service had I known my contract with the online company I worked with would not be renewed. As it is now, I can either pony up a couple hundred dollars to end the contract or keep it up until it expires early next year. It’s a first world problem, I know, but it still eats at me some.

I didn’t get my walk in yesterday, but I sure got plenty of exercise. After doing up far too many dishes, I decided it was time to start tackling the back part of my living quarters, aka “the back room.” Clever name, isn’t it? I live in what’s essentially a basement apartment, with roughly the front half of the basement done up as living space. The back half is typical basement, and somehow, it’s been filled with a whole lot of junk. Not all of it’s mine–probably a third of it has my name on it–but there’s still way too much junk, things no one has touched in years, and yesterday was as good a day as any to start decrapping the joint. I spent a couple of hours or so sorting and cleaning and pitching, and while it looks like I barely made a dent in the overall quantity, I still managed to fill a large garbage bag full of stuff to be tossed, not to mention the larger odd bits that wouldn’t fit in the bag. I suppose with some effort, some of it might be recycled, and that’s a fine notion, but I have to tell you, there’s something really freeing about throwing crap away. It won’t end up as a burden on someone else, and in any case, in Ames, all of our trash is recycled and turned into power. Cool, huh?

Two or so hours of bending and reaching and hauling proved to be a fine workout and there’s more of it to come. Just probably not today.

Happy Friday!


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