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It’s been an extremely leisurely morning here. I slept late, did a little knitting, and monkeyed around online, all in my PJs, and without doing more than the most essential of morning chores. It’s nearly noon now and I still haven’t had my breakfast–I may as well have lunch instead.

Curiously, I’m seldom hungry in the mornings. I should be, as most nights I don’t eat after 8:00 p.m.–last night was an exception since it was a night out–but I’m just not. I know I should eat breakfast and I know all the reasons why I should, but I often don’t get around to it until late morning.

I’m going to shoot for a walk later if the weather holds. There was sunshine and thunder a bit ago, an odd marriage to be sure, but there it was. It’s not yet too hot, and if I stick to the shade, it shouldn’t be too bad even if it does warm up. It feels like a long time since I had a walk–it’ll be good to move, not to mention getting outside and getting some fresh air.

Fun times were had last night at both the yarn shop and game night. I haven’t seen some of my game night peeps in a couple of months or more and it was great to reconnect. While there, I was offered another house/cat sitting gig for next month while S and D are away for a few days and I very happily accepted. I’m pretty fond of their cats by now and we have our routines worked out.

That’s the news from here for now. Have a happy Saturday, all!

ETA: Had my walk and while it was hot and sticky in the sun, the shady bits were pretty nice. Still worked up a dandy sweat. Saw some polliwogs and a cardinal along the way. Fewer skeeters than last time, but I think bug dope helped, too. Felt good to get out.


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