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I didn’t make it out for a walk yesterday, so am chalking the day up as a rest day. Two or three of those a week are okay, though I generally feel kind of like a slacker when I do take a day off. Today, it’s weights and yoga, then a busy afternoon and evening with a knitter’s night out at the yarn shop and game night. I’m looking forward to both!

I wasn’t a complete slug yesterday and got a few things done, such as sorting through books (two bags so far to go to Goodwill and a big pile to be donated to the library), culling junk out of a drawer or two, and general tidying up. I’ve kind of let things go in the past few months and I’m weary of clutter and mess, so it’s time to do something about it. Let the sorting and hauling begin!

Number 52 is off the needles and Number 53 is on. That’s all, so far, that’s been accomplished on Number 53, as I opted to wake up with a couple of cups of coffee and a long-term garter stitch project instead. It was a pretty swell way to start the day, and in any case, 53 will be there later today, and will go with me to the yarn shop tonight. I’m getting used to the idea that I’m really going to achieve the goal I set almost a year ago and complete this project, and I’m glad to see that I can really stick with something, even when it got to be such a slog at times. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. When it’s all over, mostly I think it’ll be a relief to be done with the Random Hats Project. Mostly.

That’s pretty much it from here. Happy Solstice!


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