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Brave and hopeful

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Day 984 of my cold.

That may be a slight exaggeration, but after having one earlier in the year that hung on for weeks and getting another one so soon after, I’m feeling just a tad whiny this morning.

I had Mandatory Family Fun last night, and it wasn’t bad. If you know me, you know I don’t often look forward to these things. A lot of that is attributable to my mom, who tends to make a big hairy deal out of the smallest thing. It gets mighty old mighty fast.

Anyway, my oldest brother shared some news: at 56 (holy crap, he’s 56! that must mean I’m almost 54!), he’s taking up the cello. That strikes me as kind of a brave and hopeful act. He hopes, in time and with practice, he’ll be skilled enough to join with others to play some chamber music in front of an audience.  Brave and hopeful? Indeed it is. Any kind of creative endeavor is, if you think about it. Most of what folks do for creative release  is for their own pleasure but if they’re honest, in their heart of hearts, they want to share it with someone. Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to say “see what I made?” That desire never quite goes away. It may be beautiful only in the eyes of the maker, but still, the act of making seems an intrinsic need, and the desire to share it seems so, too.

It doesn’t matter what the outlet is–making music or blogging, knitting, sewing, painting, dance–we all want to say “see what I made!” I remember Mr. F having a burst of creativity making dreamcatchers, and his eagerness to share them with me. They were beautiful. The making of them fed his soul, and seeing the work of his hands adorning the walls of his house, as well as seeing his pleasure in having made them, was a splendid thing.  I so wish I had one.

Here’s wishing you acts of bravery and hopefulness today! Make it a good day, all.




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