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A brand new week

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It was a gorgeous Sunday night and the music was fantastic–David Zollo and The Body Electric, a band out of Iowa City, played Roosevelt Summer Sundays, and I’m glad I was there. That was some good stuff. I really love live music, even not so great live music. There’s nothing quite like it.

Number 51 is done! I got it off the needles yesterday, ends are woven in, and it’s a fine hat. I’ve cast on Number 52. After dragging my feet for weeks (months, even), they’ve been going on and coming off the needles pretty quickly lately. It’s entirely possible that I’ll complete the project this month, and I predict I’ll feel a little bereft when I do.

My cold took a little turn overnight and I’m feeling kind of punk today, so I don’t see a walk in my day. I had a good, if kind of muddy/swampy/bug-infested one yesterday. Today, I’m looking at weights and yoga. That may be an odd combo–I don’t know and I don’t really care if it is or not, because it’s working for me. I’m much more toned and stronger, thanks to the weights routine, and the yoga is making me stronger, more flexible, and less achy in the joints. Touching my toes is becoming easier, which isn’t any kind of big deal unless you can’t do it.  I’ll keep walking, too, several times a week, as that will start keep whittling away at the Buddha belly, and I’ll keep watching what I eat and celebrate the little things, because in time, they’ll add up to big things.

My route yesterday took me around a large pond/small lake/body of water at one of my favorite parks, and it’s a route that, until yesterday, required at least one stop along the way. I knocked that baby out without stopping, other than for a brief pause–mere seconds–a couple of times to look at the water level. My best sit-and-have-a-think rock was completely submerged, and one spot on the trail was bisected by a fairly lively stream of water spilling from the pond, across the trail, and down into the swollen river. Some clever and thoughtful person had made a makeshift bridge of large tree branches across the stream, making it passable. Wish they could have done something about the skeeters–my legs are chewed up pretty well right now. I must be tasty!

I’m sending out good thoughts to a couple of folks, one who’s getting a new hip today (hip hip hooray!), and another who had an emotionally stormy weekend. I’m wishing them both well today, and if you have a good thought to spare, it wouldn’t hurt. Heck, it’d help.

All in all, I’m making a good start to this brand-new week, and I’m wishing you the same. Happy Monday!


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