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And we’re back to cool and cloudy here. Bleh.

I woke with a beast of a headache–three aspirin and two cups of coffee later, it’s abated somewhat, but underlying the headache is the feeling that a cold is coming on. Yippee. I’ll dose myself with the usual cold meds and hope it goes away quickly. Ain’t nobody got time for a summer cold!

I cast on Number 51 last night, about three times. The first yarn I tried was too thin and scratchy as hell, and my hat rules say if I wouldn’t wear it, I ain’t making it. Out those stitches came. The second yarn was more compliant, but I miscounted. Once more with feeling (and accurate counting) and I got it. By then, I was tired of the whole thing so I only knitted a couple of rounds before putting it away for the night.

What is it with sock makers these days? The last batch of socks I bought are crap. One season and the elastic is wearing away at back-of-the-ankle level, and you know what? that’s about where I need some coverage so’s I don’t get blisters. I’m not too particular about clothes for the most part, but a girl would like to have some decent socks.

Anyone want an elderly, fat, partially toothless cat? She poops in her box just fine. She won’t pee in it. It’s becoming an issue. Other than that, she mostly sleeps all day, eats a little, avoids most human contact, and is very little trouble. I’m going to try going back to her original, and spendy, litter and see if that helps. If not . . . well, time will tell.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by stuff again. I’d like to be living in a van, I think, with only the barest of essentials and a couple of comforts. No clutter. That would be refreshing.

I had such fun buying silly little things at the Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend. Now–see above.

Must get moving–there’s laundry to be done, errands to run, litter to buy. Attitudes to adjust. I’ll make it a good day, one way or another. I hope your day treats you well, too.

ETA: Sometimes you need a kick in the pants and often, you get just what you need if you’re paying any kind of attention. I just read this and it put my sniveling about trivial matters into its proper place:

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