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I woke about 5:30 this morning, flopped around in bed, couldn’t get back to sleep, so here I am at (currently) 6:43 a.m. I’m considering going for that early morning walk I’ve wanted to take up to the medicine wheel in the park but will have to wake up a little more before I decide either way.

My blog info tells me I had an early morning visitor around 3:30, someone else who found sleep elusive, perhaps, and needed the soporific effects of my blog to get back to sleep. I’m good with that. I’m here, day or night. I hope my visitor found some rest afterward, happily doped up on my natterings.

A big wind came yesterday and blew the heat and humidity away and it’s a cool but welcome 62 degrees. It’s sunny and mild out there, and I hope it stays that way for a while. Perfect days, weather and otherwise,  are so rare. They’re to be cherished.

I fully intended to do my weights routine yesterday, but I never got around to it. Shoot me if you will, but I had too good a day to beat myself up about it. I spent longer than I planned out at the yarn shop yesterday, with a small but very congenial group of knitter folk, knitting and chatting and laughing and just enjoying being with them. I got a lot done on Number 50 and finished it up after I got back to the house, and I have to say it’s a fine hat. Number 51 will be cast on later today, and it, too, will be a fine hat. They’ll go, along with their brethren and sistren, to Afghans for Afghans, an organization I’ve donated to before, and one which does good and kind work. I’m happy to knit for them.

So, now that I’ve sat here for a while longer and the first dose of coffee has had time to take hold, I think I’ll make another cup of joe then go for that walk. Seems like a darn fine way to start my day.

I’m wishing you a darn fine day, too.

ETA: It was a good walk, and it’s a gorgeous day here, so I’ll be getting out to play some more later.

Ran across this a bit ago and thought it was kinda cool. Enjoy!

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  1. My walks are always in the morning. In the summer, It’s a lot cooler and quieter, but even in the winter I’m out by 8:30 am or so. I love to listen to the birds singing and I stand a better chance of seeing other wildlife. Today I saw a deer, probably the same one I saw yesterday and Monday. Another reason why I switched from walking in the afternoon to the morning….I had a tendency to drink to much coffee in the morning and that always presented a problem. .


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