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It’s up to 80 at 10:30, but I’m not complaining. Some heat is welcome. What’s not is the threat of freaky severe weather. The air is juicy enough that we could see some action later, although what I’ve seen indicates the worst of it will start in eastern Iowa, rather than central, and push on to the east. Regardless, severe weather season is not a good time for anyone, except maybe severe weather junkies.

I went walking again yesterday, this time at a park a few miles from home, thinking it’d be cooler in the heavily wooded valley there. I was wrong. Humid? I was wringing wet in no time flat, and the ‘skeeters were out in force, huge buggers that thought I was some kind of smorgasbord. I got chewed up some before I climbed back up out of the valley, into the sweet clean air coming up from the south. Ahhhhhhh. That felt good, and I let it cool me for a good long while before I left the park.

It was a mild evening, so I harnessed up the stinky cat and took her out on the patio for a while. We both enjoyed a lovely evening, she eventually venturing out to lie in the grass–and chew a few blades of it–me, just sitting there taking in the lush green surrounding me and gazing up at the blue, blue sky and the clean white clouds floating by. It was a good time for both of us.

Today is a rest day, though I do want to do my weights routine. Also on the docket is a trip out to my local yarn shop for a sit ‘n knit with the former owner, a legend among fiber folk in this town. I get a serious kick out of her.

Make it a good day, all!

ETA: NOW I’m complaining. It’s just ungodly humid.


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