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Can you say “cool and cloudy?” The local weather guy said maybe some sun and low 80s today. The Weather Channel says cloudy and 60s. I’d be happy if the two got together, split the difference, and made it a partly sunny, 70s kind of day. This is getting old.

So yesterday, I hopped in the car and headed down to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival with a couple of friends, and we met up with some other friends there. It was, shockingly, cool and cloudy, and a few little sprinks fell while we were there, but not enough to send us running for cover. We had fun times cruising around the vendor areas and looking at sheep and goats and buying a couple of things. I overspent but I’m unrepentant. A girl needs a treat now and then.

There was some mild excitement in the lunch tent, where I sat with my friend peaceably chewing on my lamb burger (delish), when a rogue tent support–a long and heavy chunk of wood–decided to crash the party. Literally. A couple inches to the left and it would have hit me square on the head. As it was, it sort of glanced off the table, whacked my hand (a tiny bruise is all the evidence I have to show), and came to rest on the table. Some nice man came along and put it back in place, tightened down the tent pegs and ties, and that was that. No big deal, really, but you can bet I was glad it didn’t crash down on my head. That would not have been so much fun.

We left just as some rain began to fall–good timing, that–hit up the Kum & Go for a free drink, and headed back to Ames. It cleared off nicely last evening and I met up with S and D at the beautiful new Roosevelt Park for a concert, and like they used to say in the small-town society columns, a good time was had by all. It was a fine day.

If it doesn’t rain (getting tired of that phrase, by the way), I’ll head out for a walk later on. If it does, then it’ll be weights and yoga. Either way, I’ll get some movement in today, though I’m really hoping for the walk. Fingers crossed! Some knitting later on would be good, and I’m waiting on permission from a couple of folks to use them as references on the job app (gasp!) I’ve 98% filled out. It’s for house and cat sitting, so not a “real” job, though it’s something I truly enjoy doing. If I can make a few bucks while I’m at it, so much the better. That’s my Monday! I’m making it a good day, and am wishing you the same.


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